Azerbaijan: Announcement for the cancellation of of its jury vote!

An official announcement was recently made by the state television in Azerbaijan, on the issue of the cancellation of the rating of its jury. Azerbaijan was one of the six countries in the second semi-final where the EBU canceled the jury scores in both the semi-final and the final.

The Azerbaijan Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company deems the events happening during the final stage of the Eurovision-2022 Song Contest and the decisions made afterwards as inadmissible.

We hereby notify that we sent the names of the countries voted by the Azerbaijani jury to the organizers of the contest. According to the list, 12 points were awarded to Ukraine. In response, the organizers of the contest, without giving any reasons, urged the representatives of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company to announce other results at the end of the final show. We categorically rejected this request. An official letter of inquiry was immediately sent to the organizers, and we said that we would announce the voices of our jury but not the results sent by them during the live broadcast, and divulge this issue. Subsequently, we were notified that there was some “strangeness” in the voices of six countries, including Azerbaijan, during Thursday’s semi-finals. It is noticeable that we have not been notified about this “strangeness” from Thursday to the end of the final on Saturday, and no “evidence” has been provided so far.

Despite the fact that the representative of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company was ready to announce the results of the jury voting in Azerbaijan during the broadcast, the organizers of the contest did not contact to Baku but announced their results on our behalf explaining it with technical malfunctions. Though, we did not have any malfunction preventing from announcing the votes. We underline once again that we have not entitled the organizers to announce the votes on behalf of the Public Television.

We are waiting for an official response to this issue and going to take the next steps depending on it. We hope that this issue will be settled soon with triumph of justice.

We are following the issue with interest and will inform you of any developments.

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