Cyprus: Lowest audience in over a decade for Eurovision 2022

RIK saw a “record” of low viewing figures in Cyprus for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, with the lowest numbers in over a decade.

Less than 100,000 viewers tuned in to the second semifinal, in which Cyprus participated, but also to the Grand Final. Specifically, 81,080 viewers watched the second semifinal, from which Cyprus failed to qualify, 27.1% less than the corresponding semifinal last year. Similar numbers were recorded in the Final, with 80,430 viewers tuning in and with the huge 53.8% decrease from last year’s Final.

The previous lowest percentage of viewers for a Eurovision Grand Final was recorded in 2013, with 125,000 viewers.

Andromache with the song Ela represented Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, failing to qualify to Saturday’s Grand Final and finishing in the 12th place in the second semifinal.

Source: AGB Cyprus

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