Eurovision 2022: Austria’s Second Rehearsal!

Coming up is Austria with LUM!X and Pia Maria singing their song ‘Halo’. Their first rehearsal included a huge circular neon lighting rig that surrounds the two austrian artists and huge dance energy from inside their own personal halo. The staging also features flames and smoke jets. The lead singer had some singing difficulties during the pre-parties. Will they convince with their second rehearsal?

The Second Rehearsal

Austria’s rehearsal is done with the help of a huge ring that consists of smaller rings, which have perimeters with lights. These lights turn on and off based on the viewing result the austrian delegation wants. Both artists are inside this ring and stay in it. The performance starts with LUM!X cheering up the crowd. There are enough shots in the crowd as well. LUM!X stays in the center of the ring doing dj moves and he his role in the performance is to cheer the audience. There are many close camera angles to Pia Maria, who dances and enjoys the song. In the bridge they clap, as in the official video clip. The performance ends with both artists looking at the camera. There is wide use of prerecorded vocals. Pia Maria has great make up with much glitter in the eyes. Her hair is pigtails. Both artists are wearing black and the backround is mostly red and black, but during the bridge turns into blue. Pia Maria is giving a high note in the bridge, but in general is vocally weak. The audience is going to love this act.

Smoke during the first second chorus is added on the third run.

Pyro is also added in the bridge and the last chorus of the third run.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Austria’s second rehearsal:



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