Eurovision 2022: Bulgaria’s Second Rehearsal!

The second rehearsals continue and it’s Bulgaria’s turn to come on stage. The rock band ‘Intelligent Music Project’ with their song ‘Intention’ having vast experience of performing on stage brought their massive energy on the Eurovision 2022 during their first rehearsal. The latter featured some incredible neon lighting and an impressive use of geometric shapes on the graphic backdrop. The band with its second rehearsal will try to convince that they have chances for qualifying to the Grand Final.

The Second Rehearsal

The second rehearsal starts with a divided screen, where in the right side appears the guitarist of the group and after a while the drummer on the left part of the screen. There are close shots on the lead singer. All the group is dressed in black. The lead singer is in the middle and behind him are aligned the rest group members. Two group members are standing on small circular pods which feature smaller circles surrounded by lights. Black and white are the characteristic colors of Bulgaria’s performance with red appearing from the middle of the performance and on. In the backround there is a sphere-like graphic that contains many circular speakers. The bulgarian delegation also makes good use of the led floor, having enough shots from above. The singer wears a black hat at the beginning, that then throws away. In the chorus the singer does some moves corresponding to the progress of the song. There are many shots to the group’s rest members also. In the second chorus there are red ultrasound waves coming towards the audience. In the bridge, all the members of the group are not enlightened and seem as black fiqures. Pyro is added in the third run and now dominates the orange colour! The singer has some make up and the group has great energy! At the end there is an orange shape of a dove. May it be a hint for peace?

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Bulgaria’s second rehearsal:



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