Eurovision 2022: Denmark’s Second Rehearsal!

Next up is Denmark. The band REDDI, a Danish/Swedish pop-rock band made up of Siggy on vocals, Ida on bass, Agnes on guitar, and Ihan on drums, brought some retro styling during their first rehearsal. Their staging also features block neon colours on the graphic backdrop, a bonus key change and on-stage fireworks. REDDI is ready to to come on stage once again, in order to rehearse for second time.

The Second Rehearsal

REDDI’s rehearsal hasn’t got much differences from the national selection’s one. The rehearsal starts with the lead singer playing the piano. At first, the face of the singer is inverted as we see the reflection of the lead singer on the surface of the piano. The camera stays near to the face of the singer without changing. It is worth mentioning that the first two shots are more than 20 seconds long! As the tempo of the song hits, the lead singer stands up and goes in the center of the stage, where she finds the rest members of the group. In the floor LED screen it is written the band’s name and the colour of the floor changes to many different colours. During the song, the singer leans on towards other group members and interacts with them. In the bridge, the camera angles are on the members of the group playing the intruments they are holding. The performance is full of colours and good vibes. The performance ends with a distant shoot and a burst of light in the stage.

Fireworks were added during the third run.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of REDDI’s second rehearsal:



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