Eurovision 2022: Finland’s Second Rehearsal!

The fourth act to rehearse is the opener of the Second Semi-Final –  Finland – with their worldwide famous rock group – The Rasmus with their song ”Jezebel”. Finland’s set is covered with with huge, floating black balloons, and the band have brought bright yellow wet weather clothing to the Turin stage. Maybe they’re planning a dip in the waterfall? As you’d expect from The Rasmus, this is a really confident performance that packs a powerful visual punch with the yellow lighting. They’re like a swarm of rock bees, and we’re very much awake. Of COURSE Finland have fireworks and smoke jets in the final chorus – it’s pure rock ‘n’ roll. This is what we found out about the first rehearsal of theirs.

About The Second Rehearsal

What an opener! Fantastic camerawork, the props add more power to the song and it looks pretty much epic. It’s vocally bad and we hope the soloist improves until the Jury Show which will take place one day before the Second Semi-Final! Nothing else to add, the atmosphere they have created is fabulous, locals will enjoy it!

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