Eurovision 2022: First Rehearsal of France!

Today is the sixth day of rehearsals in Turin and the first rehearsals of the BIG 5 countries are going to be held today!

Next up on stage for their first rehearsal is France and Alvan & Ahez with the song “Fulenn“.

Who are Alvan & Ahez?

Alvan is a multi-instrumentalist electro artist from the French region of Brittany, the same place vocal group Ahez hail from. As an artist, Alvan loves to mix different genres within his own music, and despite his sound mostly being rooted in electronica, he also uses a lot of traditional chants and organic elements in his hybrid compositions.

Ahez (Marine, Sterenn and Stereen) are a traditional vocal group who aim to showcase their regional heritage through music, by writing and singing in their native language, Breton. In their songs, they tell contemporary stories that reference the ancient myths of Brittany.

Alvan & Ahez have made it known they want to show that tradition is not something stuck in the past, but rather, it is constantly evolving.

The Rehearsal

France keeps up with the green arena theme by having a podium with some greenery on it. The mix of dance and folk and traditional instruments in this song works quite nicely, and there is cohesion between the matching black and gold costumes and the vocal harmonies and looks like Alvan and Ahez have always been a group of four.


It’s also the most bass we’ve had on any track this year, and it’s pulsing through the arena in Turin, everyone will this song through the floor and this will also be conveyed to the TV audience.

In the second run-through, Alvan finished the song with a wink to the camera. Regarding pyro works on stage, France has two fire pits on each side of the stage and flame jets that shoot up whenever the bass drops and combined to the flashing lighting and the floor graphics, it creates a visually intense spectacle.


Below you can watch a small clip from the French first rehearsal on TikTok:

@eurovision A fiery first rehearsal from France’s @ALVAN 🔥#EurovisionTikTok #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second French rehearsal will be held on the 7th of May, when we will know how things will appear on screen for the French entry.

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