Eurovision 2022: Greece’s Second Rehearsal!

The last rehearsal for today is the one of Greece with Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord and her song ‘Die Together’. The first rehearsal received huge acceptance from the fandom being the only entry that climbed in the odds. The artistic approach of the staging director Fokas Evangelinos seems to have left great impressions even though a small snippet was given to the public from Tik Tok. Today, Amanda is coming again on stage for her second rehearsal, hoping to keep the eyes on her and to achieve the best possible result for Greece.

The Second Rehearsal

The song begins in a dark stage and with close shots on Amanda’s face that fade to black. Amanda opens and closes her eyes based on the pauses of the song. Then, the shot opens and we can see Amanda standing up. There are several chairs on stage, which seem to have melted legs.

The tempo of the song is getting stronger and now from above we see the stage turning blue, the color that from now and on dominates Greece’s staging. In the bridge of the song, the camera is close to Amanda while in the leds we see her shadow dancing with a male one.

Towards the end of the song there are general shots and the stage is filled up with lights and shadows around Amanda. Die Together ends as it begins with closing of Amanda’s eyes.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Amanda’s second rehearsal:



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