Eurovision 2022: Netherlands’ Second Rehearsal!

Next up is Netherlands. S10, a 21 years old singer, rapper and songwriter, wears a very stylish black dinner jacket that’s cropped at the front but has long tails at the back. Her staging is a smoky plinth and some dramatic lighting, and it delivers real impact. The Dutch delegation seemed very happy with the first rehearsal. Unfortunately, the betting odds didn’t seem same as happy based on the little information we got about S10’s staging. Will the delegation convince with their second rehearsal?

The Second Rehearsal

Netherlands’ rehearsal begins with a shot from above moving towards S10 with herself being shadowed. At first, there is light only on S10. The stage floor has a square white linear light and S10 is standing on its center. There are many close shots on S10’s face. In the first chorus there is a small light burst and white lights are moving slowly from the sun structure behind. In the second verse the ‘sun’ turns from black to white, while towards the end the bottom half of it turns into a yellow sea. At the start of the second verse S10 is shadowed again, as opposite to the white sun behind. In the second chorus the lights behind are moving a bit faster and become more reddish. S10 is vocally good. At the final part of the song, she takes a few steps forward and we have wider shots. There are red to white lights coming out from the sun. Black and white colors are characteristic. There is no use of the backround LED screen. Generally Netherlands’ performance focuses a lot on the lights and S10 herself. The performance is atmospheric, melancholic, but relaxing. S10 passes through succesfully the emotions she wants. The performance ends with close shots on S10’s face and a shot from above moving again towards S10.

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of S10’s second rehearsal:



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