Eurovision 2022: Norway’s Second Rehearsal!

The second country to rehearse for the second time is Norway with their wolves! This staging is very similar to the performances we’ve seen from Subwoolfer at MGP and the Eurovision parties – Keith and Jim are supported by three backing dancers in yellow suits and DJ astronaut is overseeing proceedings from their elevated pulpit. We know some people think Subwoolfer are a novelty act, but we beg to differ – it’s a really polished routine and both Keith and Jim deliver great vocal performances. The dance routine is PRECISION.

About the Second Rehearsal

The performance is very slick and polished. They managed to use the MGP text that’s visible for TV viewers only. The Astronaut is in front of the kinetic sun and Subwoolfer are joined by three backup dancers. Vocally an amazing performance. This is so going to be loved by audience, still not sure how juries will react to this. The camera angles are perfect! The third performance of this semi-final that could do very well (after Ukraine and Greece). Very memorable!

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Norway’s rehearsal:



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