Eurovision 2022: San Marino’s Second Rehearsal!

Heading towards the end of this group’s rehearsals, Achille Lauro from San Marino is taking up on stage next for the second rehearsal of his song Stripper

Everything about Achille Lauro:

Achille Lauro is an eclectic singer, songwriter and rapper from Verona, Italy. It’s not just music that Achille spends his time on, however. He’s acted, directed and is even an award-winning film producer, alongside hosting TV shows, putting on art exhibitions, authoring 3 books, and acting as the creative director for a record label.

He arrives at Eurovision having won the Una Voce per San Marino song contest, having previously competed in 3 editions of the prestigious Festival di Sanremo in his native Italy, in 2019, 2020 and 2022.

The Second Rehearsal

That was an intense perfomance! The perfomance starts with some nails scrathing on the screen and then you see Achille in a black glittery costume with a black hat and a fur, which he takes off and throw later. There are also two cages on the stage with parts of a group playing instruments and the LED floor is full of eyes and mouts on red colour. Then the singer rides a rodeo horse and a guitarist is on the floor doing the guitar solo. His vocals are on point and the whole perfomance is very intense and sensual. Definetely a one to watch out!

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