Eurovision 2022: The Family Show Of The 2nd Semi-final! (Updated)

Another big day with the 2nd Semifinal taking place at the PalaOlimpico. The family show of the 2nd semi-final will begin soon! It is addressed, as the title says, to families. Αll entries will once again perform their song, with the show being used more as a warm-up, a final rehearsal for minor corrections before the TV show, tonight!

We are at the press center and will bring you live everything that happens here in real time. We remind you that the jury rehearsal took place yesterday, with 50% of the total score having already been judged. Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for the family show.

In the opening video we see one of the presenters of the show, Alessandro Cattelan, give us a special tour around the production and behind the scenes of the show, followed by a choreography.

Before the competing part begins, the hosts of the show describe the voting process. It’s time to start!


Finland with The Rasmus and the song Jezebel is a great starter for the second semi-final! With their energetic performance, the Rasmus surely manage to wake up the crowd! Lauri, the singer of the band, struggles vocally. The pre-recorded vocal of crowd singing Jezebel just before the last chorus kicks in adds on a lot to the performance! A sure qualifier.


Michael Ben David gives everything during his performance. Great choreography, excellent vocals, even better camera angles! The crowd goes wild. Most have ruled out Israel’s qualification for the Grand Final, but with this performance Michael actually has many chances of going through.


One of this years’ potential dark horses. A great performance from Serbia and Konstrakta. The staging doesn’t have much difference from the national selection one. Effective, captivating and an easy to remember entry. A sure qualifier as well.


The song itself doesn’t say much, but the staging is out of this world! Flawless vocals from Nadir and impressive changes during the entry. As the song builds up, the lighting turns to red and black as the stairs split up into 2 parts. This must qualify.


Georgia is probably the most surprising country speaking of Eurovision entries, you can never predict what they are going to send next! Unfortunately, this year neither the song convinces, nor the staging. This seems too tacky and immoderate. I can’t see this going through, especially from this hard semi-final.


A genuine pop song from Malta and Emma Muscat. She is vocally impressive and has fun on stage, which is passing to the viewer! The audience seems divided and doesn’t cheer up that much. I’m not sure if this will qualify, but has chances!


Follows a video related to the music history of Italy and the Sanremo festival.

Alessandro learns how to cheer up the crowd by Mika. Laura Pausini interferes to the conversation and shows how it is really done!

San Marino

One of the most suprising acts of the semi-final! San Marino, even though having a mediocre song, literally burns the stage! Achille knows how to perform and this becomes translated on massive support by the audience. The kiss isn’t given this time. San Marino is once again in the rally for a spot in the Grand Final.

A very small intervention by the hosts follows.


An excellent performance by Sheldon Riley for Australia, as we are used to. Atmospheric, beautiful, outstanding. Sheldon serves vocally, there isn’t any way Australia didn’t come up to Top 3 with this performance during the jury voting last night. Sure qualifier.

We now see a small video of ‘Coming Up’ and Alessandro introduces Cyprus.


Beautiful Andromache with the song Ela for Cyprus comes on stage. The audience loves this and is cheerful thoughout the performance. Andromache struggles vocally once again. One of the second semi-final question marks.


Probably the biggest applause did Ireland and Brooke receive during the beginning of the act. Brooke serving some cool choreo and vocals. She has also changed her hairstyle to straight, not sure if it is just for the rehearsal. She is boosted with confidence and she will also fight for one qualification spot tonight.

North Macedonia

A quite simple staging from North Macedonia, not much going on. Andrea tries to pass through her feelings, but something doesn’t fit in. Cool change in the stage colour during the last chorus. Audience is quiet, even after the end of her performance. I don’t see this qualifying.


Another simple staging from Estonia. STEFAN successfully brings and supports the western style at Eurovision. He is vocally strong and audience has fun with this. A safe spot for Estonia to the final.


Follows a video that addresses life and the beauty of our reality.


An energetic performance from WRS, who will try tonight to break Romania’s NQ streak. With red-orange the main colors of the staging and a surprising dress change, Romania can also qualify to Saturday’s Grand Final.


Ochman and Poland with the song River and the talk-of-the-town effects during the second chorus, will fight for the win of the semi-final. Ochman is vocally flawless and the performance is interesting as well, will grab some more televoting points.


Montenegro returns to the contest with Vladana. A decent staging for a balkan ballad, with interesting lights on the dress and good enough vocals. Great camera angles towards the end of the act. Feels a bit bland at the end, I don’t think she will have the back of the televoting. Juries might have saved her.


One of the most weak run-throughs vocally for Jeremie from Belgium. The song itself was considered a borderline before the rehearsals, but the bland staging featuring good but ordinary choreo and the many clinkers won’t help. I don’t see this qualifying.


Cornelia Jakobs from Sweden manages to complete the rehearsal without technical problems! The problems with the dark staging as she approaches the circular prop in the second verse persist, but she is vocally perfect and seems satisfied. Good applause from the audience. Winner of the semi-final?

Technical issues between Sweden and Czech Republic, Alessandro intervenes to save time.

Czech Republic

The award of the biggest applause by the audience goes to… Czech Republic! Audience cheers thoughout the whole performance. The lead singer of We Are Domi is excellent vocally, the staging is effective and there is no way we aren’t seeing Czech Republic in the final. What a finish!

The competing part ends and the hosts give the signal for lines opening.

Follows the first recap of the semi-finalists.

Interval Act

For the first time on stage, Laura Pausini and Mika join forces and sing together Sting’s “Fragile” and Patti Smith’s “People Have the Power“. A quite beautiful collaboration from our hosts.

We now see the second recap of the 18 semi-finalists. Then, the voting lines close.

Next interval act is that of Il Volo’s, who appear on stage, but without Gianluca, who is at home and on the screens. Il Volo achieved the 3rd place for Italy at Eurovision 2015.

Follows a video ”tribute” to previous Eurovision entries.

The hosts are supposed to interview now the representatives of Spain, United Kingdom and Germany, but they are missing during the rehearsal. Afterwards, clips of their performances are shown.

Which ones I think will qualify

Based on the rehearsal we just watched, I take it for granted that the following will qualify:

  • Finland
  • Serbia
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Czech Republic

Which will fight

The following will fight for the remaining 4 positions:

  • Israel
  • Azerbaijan
  • Malta
  • San Marino
  • Cyprus
  • Ireland
  • Romania
  • Montenegro

Which will be disqualify

These countries, either because of their appearance or because of their song, I find it very difficult for them to qualify:

  • Georgia
  • North Macedonia
  • Belgium


The executive supervisor of the competition, Martin Osterdahl gives the green light for the announcement of the results.

We’re going to see random qualifiers with random order, for the sake of the rehearsal.

The qualified countries are:

  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Australia
  • Montenegro
  • Malta
  • Sweden
  • North Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Czech Republic

Thank you for staying with us!

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