Eurovision 2022: The Semifinals will have different directors!

An interesting piece of information worth mentioning, especially after the problems identified in the rehearsals of the second semifinal. So according to our valid and completely cross-referenced information, it won’t be the same director in both semifinals. but different.

RAI uses different directors in the two semifinals, something that has its value, since it seems that one of the possible sources of the many problems in the rehearsals of the second semifinal is its director.

Unlike the director of the first semifinal who is quite receptive to the prompts of each delegation, the director of the second semifinal wants a bigger say in the TV result. This has caused a lot of problems in today’s rehearsals.

With anxiety and interest we will now wait for the dress rehearsals next week, since we are slowly moving on to the live shows.

Tomorrow, Saturday 7/5, the second rehearsals will end, with the rehearsals of the Big5.

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