Eurovision 2022: Ukraine’s Second Rehearsal!

The second section of the 5th day of rehearsals in Turin starts with Ukraine. Ukraine is the big odds’ favourite, giving them a 43% possibility of winning! The first rehearsal seemed similar to the performance of the national selection. The members of Kalush Orchestra wore traditional clothes, while light and blue lighting dominated the staging. Kalush Orchestra with their song ‘Stefania’ come on stage for their second rehearsal hoping to live up to the people’s expectations.

The Second Rehearsal

Ukraine’s rehearsal starts with a close shot on the front water part of the stage, the water has orange color. The yellow and orange colors are dominant in the backround also.  The artists of the band are standing still being shadowed by the lighting. Then the rap part hits, the staging here is similar to the national selection’s one. There is a cool effect with their shadows on the led floor, being surrounded by an orange-sunset like color. They are doing a characteristic grooving move. The artists are wearing traditional clothes. In the instrumental they are dancing like in the national selection performance. In the second pre-chorus we see again the shadows in the led floor grooving but the shadows this time are multi-colored with traditional shapes. In the second chorus the backround turns blue. The performance is much more enhanced compared to the national selection one. The staging features wide use of the led floor. In the bridge, the artists are clapping cheering the audience to clap, too and the backround turns again to orange. There are shots in the audience. At the last intrumental part the dancer is doing some moves in the middle, while there is a good shot from above showing the effects of the led floor. At the end each member of the band becomes more free. They are bringing a party on the Eurovision stage!

Below you can watch an exclusive preview clip of Kalush Orchestra’s second rehearsal:



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