Germany: Felicia Lu Dropped From German Eurovision Jury

Felicia Lu has been removed from the German jury having previously shared her favourites songs of this year’s competition. has released a statement explaining why Felicia Lu, the singer who competed in the German selections in 2017 and 2022,  has been removed from the German jury for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022:

Felicia Lu published her favorites from this year’s competition back in March. However, EBU rules state that national jury members are not allowed to nominate their favourites. Felicia Lu signed the corresponding agreement in April. Therefore, the NDR, in consultation with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), feels compelled to exclude her from the jury. NDR will announce the replacement shortly.

The four other jurors are:

  • Michelle – Represented Germany in 2001 with “Wer Liebe Leben” where she finished 8th
  • Max Giesinger – Singer-songwriter who has released four studio albums, he was also a juror for Germany in 2018
  • Tokunbo – Award-winning singer-songwriter who has released seventeen studio albums
  • Christian Brost – Head of Music at hr3 radio

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