Iceland: Daði Freyr wants an end to pre-recorded backing vocals at Eurovision!

Daði Freyr called for an end to the  pre-recorded vocals in the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer who represented Iceland in Rotterdam , made a post on Twitter to express his feelings.

In  the tweet , which you can see below, Daði Freyr commented on the use of pre-recorded vocals. Mentioning  that it is less interesting to use vocals on a backing tape, as he would prefer to listen all the vocals live on stage.

Several Twitter users pointed out that last year, Daði og Gagnamagnið themselves made the most use of pre-recorded vocals. ” 10 Years”  was accompanied by a large pre-recorded choir of fans.

The pre-recorded vocals

In 2021, the new Executive Supervisor, Martin Österdahl , announced that pre-recorded vocals will be used in Rotterdam’s competition. EBU took the measure to create smaller delegations amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. A smaller delegation would most likely ensure a safer contest, as less people would be on the ground in Rotterdam.

In addition, EBU said that as the music landscape evolves, this change will allow live shows to be even closer to their studio counterparts. Examples of songs that had to be adapted due to the previous set of rules include Poli Genova’s “If Love Was a Crime” and JOWST ‘s “Grab the Moment” .

Prior to the 2022 competition, the EBU decided that the pre-recorded vocals would remain for the competition in Turin. The information originally came from the Icelandic television network RÚV and in the end turned out to be true.

Daði & Gagnamagnið and the song “10 Years” , represented Iceland in 2021, winning 4th place with 378 points.

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