Moldova: jurors explain why they did not give any points to WRS

Moldova and Romania are not only culturally similar but they also celebrate their brotherhood in Eurovision.  In fact, Moldova delivered a song with a message about Romania-Moldova unity for Eurovision 2022.  However, the Moldovan jury did not award a single point to Romania.  In contrast, Romania received 10 points from the Moldovan televote.

The huge difference between the jury taste and the televote have raised more than an eyebrow.  However, the Moldovan jury offered their version of the story in an interview with TVR Moldova.  For the Moldovan jury the result was a matter of musical preferences and that “there were other songs among the 24 that were better than the Romanian song”.

I am a Romanian citizen and I like Romania, but that does not mean that if my mother sang, I would have given it the highest grade. I would have given it to the one who sings well.  (…) I love Romania, but I will vote as I like “, said the lyricist Radmila Popovici for TVR Moldova.

Conductor Adriano Marin who was also a member of the Moldovan jury shared a similar view about the final result:

You put 24 countries in an order of preference, from 1 to 24 (…)  For me, the UK was the first, Ukraine, about the first ones.  (Romania was in my preferences), but in the middle.

Moldovan Jury vote

Adriano Marian, soloist Cristina Scarlat, conductor Ilona Stepanov, soloist Natan and lyricist Radmila Popovici were part of the Moldovan jury.  They awarded points to the following countries

12 points to Ukraine

10 points to United Kingdom

8 points Sweden

7 points Switzerland

6 points Australia

5 points Estonia

4 points Belgium

3 points Spain

2 points Portugal

1 points Azerbaijan

Romanian Jury vote controversy

The Romanian jury result was also highly controversial.  According to the EBU statement, there were irregularities in the jury vote which resulted in the nullification of the Romanian vote.  According to the rules, the EBU replaced the Romanian vote with a substitute aggregated result.

Notwithstanding this official statement  TVR revealed the jury result they intended to give in the final.  Sanda Ladoși, Luminița Anghel, Ovi Jacobsen, Liviu Elekeș and Mihai Pocorschi made the Romanian jury.  The juror voted as follows:

12 points to Moldova

10 points to Greece

8 points Poland

7 points the Netherlands

6 points Azerbaijan

5 points Australia

4 points Italy

3 points Spain

2 points Finland

1 points Lithuania

Moreover, TVR requested EBU concrete reasons why theyr jury vote was replaced.


Moldova participated in the Eurovision Song Contest with Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers and their song Trenulețul (The little train).  Their song talks about a train line that goes from the capital of Moldova Chișinău to the capital of Romania Bucharest.  They received 253 points in the final finishing in 7th place.

Source: Elle

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