Montenegro: RTCG’s answer to the EBU about the voting irregularities!

A few hours after EBU’s announcement about the irregularities in the jury voting in the second semi-final, the Montenegrin broadcaster, RTCG is the first broadcaster to share their thoughts on the announcement!

The RTCG states the following:

Following EBU’s announcement about the alleged irregular voting of the jury of experts in up to 6 countries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, we want to emphasize that it has nothing to do with Montenegro and that it is only speculation that is not true and unverified information.

As they point out, it is statistically impossible to avoid certain repetitions, as evidenced by the fact that the group of countries participating in the second semi-final night, as in Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Estonia…

These are, according to RTCG, examples of mutual exchange of points between the countries in the second semi-final:

12 points for Sweden
10 points for Israel
8 points for Belgium
7 points for North Macedonia
6 points for Ireland

12 points from Sweden
10 points from Israel
8 points from Belgium
5 points from North Macedonia
5 points from Ireland

12 points for Australia
10 points for Estonia
8 points for Belgium
7 points for Malta
6 points for the Czech Republic

12 points from Australia
12 points from Estonia
10 points from Belgium
12 points from Malta
12 points from the Czech Republic

10 points for Sweden
8 points for Australia
7 points for Israel

8 points from Sweden
8 points from Australia
7 points from Israel

So, with such a small number of countries in the semi-finals, it is impossible to avoid certain repetitions.

It is not for us to judge why these countries did not raise suspicions, whereas there were 6 countries where it was impractical to have repetitions. On the other hand, in some of the countries on the EBU list, the organiser almost completely changed the votes.

Montenegro’s votes were announced by the artist Zombijana and, as you could see in the live stream, the jury’s vote coincided almost perfectly with the final results.

As you can see on the Eurovision website, among the countries that received Montenegro’s jury votes in the final, there were none of the entries from the semi-final night.

Finally, the Eurovision Song Contest is a contest that has its regular and large audience and is almost always accompanied by various intrigues, which, we are sure, also contribute to its popularity

Vladana represented Montenegro in Turin and with “Breathe” she ended up 17th in the second semi-final. You can see her performance here:

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