Montenegro: Vladana speaks openly about the problems of this year’s contest!

Montenegro’s representative expressed her dissatisfaction about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Vladana, competeing with the Balkan country with the song “Breathe”, gave an interview in a Spanish website and talked about the many problems she had to face during the rehearsals.

At first, she said that she didn’t want the EBU to select that exact part of her rehearsal to give out for the second rehersal clip. She wanted to keep the structure on her dress a secret until the night of the semi-final. She calls it a “Halo” that reacts to sound either from her voice or music, offering us a magnificentresult.

You can watch the exclusive rehearsal clip of Montenegro that EBU released below:

In the same interview she gave out some more information about the sun-shaped structure in the center of the stage. That structure was supposed to change depending on the needs of each participant. Of course this was impossible to happen as… the sun is really heavy. Thus it was decided that it will stay still. As Vladana said, no country was informed about this decision in time, it was something they learned a few days before arriving in Turin.

I have to be honest, I am very disappointed with some things about Eurovision this year. Everyone had told me that Eurovision was perfection in production but… it’s not like that. I don’t know if it is because it is Italy and Italians are very improvisers, leaving everything to the last minute… And look what has happened! Two days before we arrived in Turin we received an email that the Sun was no longer working.

The Montenegrin representative went on to reveal that only about 5% of what the public broadcaster asked were fullfilled from the Italian organizers, as for the graphics, the shots and the lighting, a last minute solution had to be found.

The many problems of this year’s contest seem to have no end as the begining of the contest is only some days apart. Montenegro will compete in the second semi-final on May 12.

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