President and CEO of TV Romania: I will support not to participate in Eurovision and the option of suing EBU!

The President and CEO of TVR announced on Friday evening that he will support the TVR’s governing bodies to stop public television from participating in Eurovision. Dan Cristian Turturică is also considering the option of suing EBU and claiming damages for image damage.

The reaction of the president-general director of TVR comes after this year’s Eurovision scandal: EBU claims that there would have been voting irregularities in the case of six countries, including Romania.

TVR disapproves of the way in which EBU handled the situation generated by the votes cast by the national juries, on the occasion of the semifinals and final of the Eurovision 2022 contest.

In his personal profile at social media mr Dan Cristian Turturica, posted the following photos of the jury voting of three more countries, in order to prove that more countries voted in a strange way:

You can read the latest statements from each of the broadcasters at the links below:

Source: TVR

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