Spain: The royal family congratulated Chanel!

Chanel managed to bring Spain to the top 3 of the Eurovision Song Contest standings after 27 whole years and the royal family of the country hurried to congratulate her for this important achievement!

On Tuesday, Chanel received a letter from King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain about its success at Eurovision.

Congratulations on your fantastic performance at Eurovision. You made history for Spain in this competition after taking third place in such a complex final, in which both the public and the jury recognized your strengths.

We also want to send our congratulations to the team that accompanied you and thank them for representing Spain so well and making us feel so proud.

The Spaniards gave an enthusiastic welcome to Chanel, which managed to collect 459 points in the grand final, more than those gathered together by the last ten representatives of the country in the competition.

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