The plans of Greece and Cyprus for Eurovision 2023!

Even though the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022 was less than a month ago, the Greek and the Cypriot public broadcasters, ERT and RIK, are already thinking ahead for their next representatives, while some decisions have already been made. Let’s see in detail what we know so far.

Cyprus: All Together for…Eurovision!

A few days ago, we wrote about the rumors that the planned for the fall of 2022 show All Together Now of Greek broadcaster Alpha TV, will be used to find the representative of Cyprus for Eurovision 2023. Today, the biggest newspaper of Cyprus, Fileleftheros, published an article on this as well as OGAE Greece, which usually has inside information from the Cypriot public broadcaster. These articles can be seen as a confirmation that Cyprus will choose its representative through All Together Now, produced by BarkingWell Media and in cooperation with Panik Records. It seems that Nikos Koklonis will be the host of the show which is set to premiere in mid-October and be aired every Saturday night on both Alpha TV and RIK, while among the panel of 100 there will be singers, vocal coaches and eurofans. The song will be chosen at a later stage.

Greece: ERT aims for another top10 result

During September there will be official announcements from ERT on the selection process for 2023. After placing 8th in the Grand final and 6th from the juries, which is the best ranking for a Greek entry by the juries since 1992, ERT aims to be for the third time in a row in the top 10, something that is proven to be difficult the recent years since only Greece, Ukraine and Italy have managed to be in the top10 two consecutive times.

ERT will most probably follow the same procedure as the last two years, launching an open invitation for artists to submit a proposal for Eurovision 2023, (including the song, a record label, production team etc.) while a jury of music professionals will decide who will represent Greece next year.

Decisions on the details for the selection process for Eurovision 2023 will be taken after the announcement of the new CEO of ERT, which is not expected before the end of the summer.

Stay tuned on and on our social media platforms, where we post our proposals for the next representative of Greece. Maybe among them, the successor of Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord has already -or will- be mentioned!


Who do you think should represent Greece and Cyprus next year? Tell us in the comments!

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