Breaking News: Glasgow will host the Eurovision 2023 in UK if Ukraine pulls out!

The BBC is drawing up plans to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the UK – after Ukraine won this year’s show. The UK could step in and host instead of Ukraine amid the invasion by Russia.

Sam Ryder finished second last month. The president of Spain’s national broadcaster has all but confirmed the UK will host Eurovision if Ukraine can’t.

Jose Manuel Perez Tornero said: “We don’t want to be left with the mirage of a good result. We are going to go out to win next time. We were also interested in organising 2023 Eurovision. But if Ukraine resigns, it will be the BBC that organises it.”

Glasgow has been earmarked as the city to host the event according to British media. Sam Ryder, was recently asked whether he would be willing to give it another try next year.

Sam commented: “I just want more people to experience it…The more people that do, the more it will become engrained in the UK’s attitude that Eurovision is something that we are so lucky to have.” Asked if he would help to find the next hopeful to fly the flag for the UK, Sam responded:

“Of course! Whoever does it is in for the time of their life.”

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  1. Malcolm Neale
    Malcolm Neale says:

    We, The United Kingdom, won the 2022 contest hands down. It was only because people were feeling sorry for the Ukraine because they were feeling sorry for them that they won. It was just a sympathy vote. I say don’t let the Ukraine host the contest give The United Kingdom the job of hosting the contest. Ukraine will never be ready in time in my opinion and it is supposed to show off the best of the host nation and not a country covered in war and destruction. After all the European Song Contest is supposed to be a joyous happy time for Europe and the rest of the world and not all doom and gloom. So come on Eurovision do something right and do something right for once and give the 2022 contest to The United Kingdom. You know it makes sense.

  2. KTS
    KTS says:

    I agree with everything that was said in comment , UK would of won if it wasn’t for the sympathy vote, but the eurovision was a contest & always stated that if you won that country had to be prepared to host it, Ukraine won’t be ready so if uk has to host it would is going to pay for it certainly not UK, if Ukraine can’t host it then Ukraine shouldn’t of entered, or least put the bill for uk hosting it

  3. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Glasgow would be proud and honoured to host this event

    We have a long history music and culture and embrace the diversity that Eurovision represents

    Bring it on
    We’ll do you proud



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