Cyprus: Is “All Together Now” cancelled?

Days after this year’s Grand Final, it was reported that Cyprus public broadcaster RIK, had already made an agreement with Panik records to use the BBC format All Together Now as the national selection show for Eurovision 2023. However, it seems that this project is cancelled.

The show would be produced by BarkingWell Media and aired both on Alpha Tv in Greece and RIK in Cyprus. Contestants would perform in front of 100 judges and the winner of the show would represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2023, while the song would be chosen at a later stage. However, as it seems from Alpha TV programming, All Together Now will not be aired this fall, while Just the 2 of us, another BarkingWell Media production, is being prepared which was confirmed during today’s episode of the Alpha Tv morning show, Super Katerina. In addition, there has been no trailer aired calling for participants, while on the channel’s website, the applications link redirect to another Alpha TV project, Total Black Out. Given the time needed for pre-production of such a TV format, it is unlikely that it can be aired this fall.

While there are no information available yet as to how will Cyprus choose its Eurovision 2023 entry, it seems that the partnership with Panik records will remain, and an artist will be chosen internally.


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