Eurovision 2022: Live on tapes are coming to our screens soon!

With a tweet on the official account of the competition, the EBU essentially informs us that it will soon broadcast the live on tapes of the Eurovision 2022 entries.

It was one of the unanswered questions of the friends of the competition, that is, whether we will have the opportunity as last year to watch the live on tapes of this year’s participants. Some countries have already released their own videos (Poland, Montenegro), leading us to believe that this year the broadcast of live on tapes was left exclusively to the public televisions that took part in Eurovision 2022. Eventually, as it seems, there will be a special show, by all means chance through the contest YouTube channel, where these videos will be broadcast. More announcements are expected soon.

Over ten days, commencing on Tuesday 14 June, we’ll be releasing the Live-On-Tape performances on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel.

A small number of broadcasters have elected not to have their Live-On-Tape performances released, and so we can continue to remember them as was initially intended – performed on the Eurovision stage from the PalaOlimpico in Turin!

For those who do not know what live on tapes are, all participating broadcasters were asked to record a live performance of their participation. This recording was delivered before the competition and took place in a studio. The recording took place in real time (as it would in the contest) without making changes to the vocals or any part of the show itself after the recording. This video was to be used in case any of the delegations failed to reach Turin or a member of the delegation tested positive in COVID-19 during rehearsals.

Let’s remember the live on tapes of last year’s finalists:

Stay tuned for all the updates!

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