Exclusive: More artists interested to represent Greece in 2023!

Even though it is not announced yet, the Greek public broadcaster ERT will most likely follow an internal selection for Eurovision 2023, which comes as no surprise after 2 consecutive top 10 results. There are many artists that are already thinking to submit a song to ERT for Eurovision 2023 and we have information on more artists that are interested to submit song(s). Lets take a look at them, while it needs to be emphasized that they all have the intention to apply but decisions will be taken later in the summer.


Newcomer in the Greek music scene Anastasia, became known through a viral TikTok video she posted of her song “Amarties” which was released 5 months ago and has more than 22 million views on YouTube. Anastasia and MINOS-EMI, the record company she is signed to, are more than positive to send a song for Eurovision 2023 so it’s possible that she will apply to represent Greece next year.

Good Job Nicky

An artist that came very close to represent Greece last year was Good Job Nicky, who was among the 5 shortlisted submissions that ERT considered. He recently stated that he is open to submit a song again, while his record company COBALT is also in favor of another attempt. It is not clear yet if he will submit an entry for 2023 or for 2024, since he is advised by many to take a break before submitting a song again. Below you can listen to the song he submitted to ERT for 2022.

Anxhela Peristeri

The Eurovision 2021 representative of Albania Anxhela Peristeri, recently said in an interview that she would like to go to Eurovision again, but this time with Greece. She lived many years in Greece, while she collaborated with many famous Greek artists including Eleni Foureira. If she has the right song, it is very likely that she will submit it to ERT.



This comes as no surprise since Kalomira’s comeback to the contest is rumored the last years. She was preparing songs to submit for Eurovision 2022 with a team of international songwriters, but she did not submit them to ERT.  In an interview she recently gave, she expressed her wish to return to the contest, while she is thinking to submit songs for 2023.

Along with the names that we reveal are considering submitting songs to ERT, artists from our suggestions for Greece 2023 are also considering sending songs for next year’s contest. Vassilis Kourtis, Melisa Mantzoukis, Antonia Kaouri, Leon of Athens and possibly Tania Breazou are likely to be a part of the internal selection for the next representative of Greece in Eurovision.

ERT is expecting more than last year’s 43 submissions, due to another top 10 result and the increasing popularity of the contest, especially online.

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