Israel: More information about the internal selection is out!

The Israeli public broadcaster KAN announced a few days ago that the Eurovision 2023 representative will be chosen through an internal selection. In one of the morning radio shows of KAN, more information for the process are revealed.

From 2015 and with the exception of 2021, Israel used talent shows to select the representative. For 2023, a panel of 9 entertainment industry professionals will work on choosing the artist. Criteria include to be a well known artist with experience on live performances, that is successful in the local market. The hosts mention that there is already an interest from established Israeli artists to represent Israel. Names like Omer Adam and Static & Ben El Tavori are already on the table, among others.

Budget concerns was also a reason to chose the artist internally, due to high cost of production of the national selection shows. When it comes to the song, it will be chosen once the artist who will represent Israel is picked. The aim is to find the best song that ‘matches’ the artist.

Israel was represented in Eurovision 2022 by Michael Ben David who did not make it through to the final coming 13th in the second semi-final with 61 points.

What do you think about Israel going internal for 2023? Tell us in the comments!

Source: KAN

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