Louis Walsh speaks on Eurovision and RTE plans for next year!

Former UK X-Factor judge and music manager Louis Walsh spoke to Sunday World and was asked about Ireland in Eurovision. The former manager of Eurovision winners Linda Martin and Johnny Logan revealed that if there is a good song and artist, he would be involved with RTE and Eurovision while he hinted about a new approach of the broadcaster for next year.

When asked about Ireland in the contest he answered:

“I think Ireland has to forget about the past and how we did in the past and just get a great song. We need a great song and a great singer, and the performance is key. It wasn’t cool for a lot of people to do Eurovision in the past, but I think the Italian group, Måneskin, changed all that after they won. They’re now a hugely successful worldwide act thanks to Eurovision. (…) England hadn’t done well in recent years, but they sent a great song and a great singer to the Eurovision this year and they nearly won, and that’s what we have to do”

He revealed a new head of entertainment for RTE is appointed, already planning “something great”.

“So the power is there if you’ve got the right song and the right artist. We cannot be sending amateurs. RTE has a new head of entertainment and music called Alan Tyler and I know that he’s got plans for it. Both him and Michael Kealy [executive producer] are bound to come up with something great. They are already talking about it.”

Do you think Ireland can return to the Grand Final next year? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Sunday World

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