Montenegro: Watch the live on tape video of “Breathe”!

The live on-tape appearance of Montenegro’s participation for Eurovision 2022 has been released!

The representative of Montenegro, Vladana Vucinic, revealed the live on-tape appearance of “Breathe” , the song that represented the country at Eurovision 2023. This appearance was essentially a backup and would be presented if Vladana or the Montenegrin delegation did not managed to attend the live shows in Turin.

The show was recorded at RTS studios in Belgrade. Vladana failed to qualify for the grand final, but her participation marks Montenegro’s return to the contest.

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  1. βασιλικη αναστασοπουλου
    βασιλικη αναστασοπουλου says:

    αν και καλύτερη χωρίς το δορυφορικό πιάτο, μια Κριθαριώτη τη χρειάζονται. Σοβαρά τώρα πιστεύω ότι άξιζε τελικό


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