Netherlands: Didn’t give permission for the broadcast of S10’s Live-on-Tape!

Dutch participating broadcaster, AVROTROS, didn’t give its permission for the broadcast of S10’s Live-on-Tape. According to Songfestival Update, an AVROTROS spokesperson stated:

We have submitted a request to the EBU not to put it online. We would like the performance from the live shows to remain as a memory for the public and the viewer

Just like in 2021, all countries had to record their performance in advance, as a backup in the event of a corona infection. This year it turned out not to be necessary. In 2021, Australia participated through their live-on-tape performance, because Montaigne was unable to come to Rotterdam due to the corona pandemic. A band member of Daði Freyr (Iceland) tested positive in Rotterdam. They participated with images from their rehearsal.

From June 14 to June 23, the live on tapes for Eurovision 2022 will be released on the official Eurovision channel on Youtube. These performances were recorded prior to the competition and would have been used if a delegation could not travel to Turin due to Covid-19 restrictions or if someone in the delegation was offended by Covid-19 while in Turin and could not participate in live shows.

It has not been clarified yet, which public radio and television stations did not give their permission for the publication of their live on tape. We will definitely not watch the live on tape video of Ukraine, since it was excluded from its recording due to the ongoing war in the country.

S10 represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2022 with “De diepte”, the first Dutch-language song in the contest since 2010. She finished 11th in the Grand Final with 171 points, including 12 points from the Italian jury.


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