Office of the President of Ukraine: “Ukraine is already preparing for Eurovision 2023”!

Cyril Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine, in a post on Telegram that was also reposted on the official Facebook page of Suspilne for Eurovision, states that the preparations for Eurovision 2023 have already begun!

The main question for us and the EBU is security. To ensure the necessary logistics, and especially security, we look at different locations. Exactly which we can not announce yet.

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine from the very beginning are involved in the preparations for Eurovision-2023. Ukraine is already preparing for the Eurovision 2023 final.

Cyril Tymoshenko 

At the same time in Geneva the reference group of the contest is meeting with an unknown agenda, although as you understand the issue of the country that will host Eurovision 2023 is both burning and important.

Ukrainian officials in all their statements appear confident that their country will host Eurovision 2023, despite the armed conflict that continues to rage mainly in the east of the country. In fact, a few days ago they set up an organizing committee for this purpose.

Ukraine won the right to host the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time in its territory, after the victory of the Kalush Orchestra in Turin, with the song Stefania. We are waiting with interest for the decision of the EBU, whether the competition will finally be hosted next year in Ukraine or for security reasons, another country will be preferred.

Stay tuned for all the updates!

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