Israel: Kirel in discussions with the composer of “Toy”!

Although Noa Kirel has yet to make her final decision on whether to take part in Eurovision 2023, her team appears to be in discussions with composer Doron Medalie.

KAN’s announcement and Kirel’s new statements

As we have informed you in our previous article , KAN had officially announced that the superstar Noa Kirel will represent the country in Eurovision 2023. However, a few hours later the potential representative of Israel made it clear that the decision is not yet final.

In a recent interview with the Israeli newspaper Maariv, Kirel stated that she needs more time to think about a potential Eurovision entry. It is, according to the singer, a Competition which “relies on politics, but at the same time it offers great exposure [to the artist]”. However, she later added that “fear has never stopped [her] from trying new things and life is all about taking risks” .

Kirel in talks with Doron Medalie?

According to Eran Suissa, a journalist for the newspaper Israel Hayom, Kirel’s team has contacted the composer of the song that gave Israel its victory back in 2018, Doron Medalie. It is not clear whether the latter was asked to take on the composition/production of the potential Eurovision song or to have an active role in its selection.

Kirel has already collaborated with Medalie, with the latter having a total of three entries in the Contest on behalf of Israel (“Golden Boy”, “Made of Stars”, “Toy”).

What is certain is that Medalie desires structural changes in the team surrounding Israel’s entries in the Contest, and wants resources to be invested towards different directions. Specifically, he stated that:

“We have to dedicate huge resources to Noa, and to have a professional team made up of the best talents and professionals we have […] To produce such a system will require a real revolution in the attitude [KAN has towards the Competition]. We create the illusion that [the end result] is so simple, but the truth is that it is the most complex undertaking.”

In relation to the financing of a possible Kirel’s participation, the Israeli website EuroMix reports that there are tensions over who could absorb the costs. This is due to the fact that until now the costs were covered entirely by KAN, thanks to the profits generated through advertising during the various talent shows. With the internal selection, however, this source of income is no longer available.

What do you think? Will Kirel join forces with Medalie for Eurovision 2023?

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