Armenia: “Snap” has officially surpassed “Brividi” and is now the most streamed song of Eurovision 2022!

We can say that it’s something everyone expected and “Snap”, with more than 2 million streams daily, is now the most streamed song of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 on Spotify, surpassing 110 million streams.

“Snap” by Rosa Linn, didn’t manage to be high in the scoreboard on the Grand Final, but it managed to travel and get streams throughout the whole world, having a place in the charts of more than 40 countries (including the USA and the United Kingdom). 110 million streams and counting, Armenia’s song for this year’s contest is now the song with the most streams from Eurovision 2022 and the ninth most streamed song in the contest’s history!

The TikTok’s dynamics

The above success seems to be related to the even greater singer’s success on TikTok. Prior to the Competition, Rosa Linn had, on her personal TikTok account, 5k followers and 85k likes; today her followers amount to 509k and her likes to 9 mil.


It is not the first time that TikTok has been used as a springboard by Eurovision artists. The most typical example, perhaps, is Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade”, the winning song of ESC 2019, which, after its delayed success on TikTok, has today exceeded 900 mil. streams, becoming the most successful Eurovision song on Spotify.

Thus, despite the (justified) reactions expressed this year by fans, journalists and correspondents of the ESC, the strategic partnership between the EBU and TikTok (with the latter taking on the role of “Official Entertainment Partner” for Eurovision 2022) does not appear to be an one-off collaboration.

Just a “snap” away from the eighth place of every song in the contest!

It’s just a matter of time before “Snap” is on the eighth place of the list with the most streamed songs of the contest, as “Think About Things”, the song that would represent Iceland in the cancelled 2020 contest, has 119 million streams, around 9 million more streams than “Snap”

Congratulation to Rosa Linn for her huge commercial success!

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