Eurovision 2023: Edinburgh in the race to host the contest!

Just hours before the announcement of the final shortlist of cities to host Eurovision 2023, the city of Edinburgh has confirmed that it has submitted a bid to host the upcoming Song Contest.


The Scottish capital is the fourteenth UK city to confirm its bid to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

Cammy Day, leader of the City of Edinburgh Council, told the Edinburgh News:

It is, of course, regrettable that this year’s winners, Ukraine, cannot host the 2023 competition in their country, but it would be an honor to host the competition, together with Kyiv, as it is a sister city to us and Edinburgh has become home to many thousands of Ukrainians in recent months. Our capital became the first city outside London to host the event in 1972 and more recently, fictionally, in the Netflix movie “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga!”. But hosting Europe for 2023 is an opportunity to welcome our friends from participating countries to the most iconic song contest, showcasing Edinburgh’s culture, heritage and history.

However, the Scottish capital seems unlikely to be chosen as the host city of Eurovision 2023, as at the moment at least, it does not have a suitable indoor venue to hold the competition’s three shows.

Eurovision have been held in the city twice before, in 1972 when it hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, and in 2018 it hosted Eurovision Young Musicians.

The first phase of selection has been completed

Eleven cities have publicly announced their bid to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest next May. Tomorrow  , Friday, August 12,  we will officially know  the cities that pass to the second and final selection phase  and will definitely claim to host  Eurovision 2023.

The announcement will be made through the morning radio show of the BBC’s second program entitled ” BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show “.

Following the first round of nominations, the  BBC  and the EBU  have now identified the nominations that meet the requirements and have the ability to host Europe’s biggest televised event and will announce them to the general public tomorrow.

The decision on where the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will be held is expected to be made  in the autumn. According to the BBC, the UK government may be consulted  beforehand, but it will be BBC  and the EBU who decide the host city.

The following cities have confirmed that they have already submitted their proposals:

  • Aberdeen
  • Edinburgh
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Newcastle
  • Belfast
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds
  • Darlington

While the following cities have already indicated their intention to submit their own proposals, but have not yet formally done so:

  • Brighton
  • London
  • Manchester
  • Nottingham
  • Wolverhampton

In which city would you like Eurovision 2023 to take place?

Source: Edinburgh News

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