Eurovision 2023: Sam Ryder predicts the city that will host the contest!

Sam Ryder, the famous TikToker who managed to bring the UK to second place in this year’s competition, winning the jury’s vote, recently gave a radio interview on the occasion of the release of his new song. Among other things, he gave his prediction for the city that will be finally chosen by the BBC and the EBU, in order to host Eurovision 2023.

Between Manchester and Glasgow, Sam Ryder thinks the choice will be made for the city that will host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

Cardiff is out of the games right, and Birmingham have just had… (the Commonwealth Games).

I mean I’d be happy with it anywhere, but Manchester seems like a good bet, or Glasgow. They’re the ones that I think it could go to.

Sam Ryder was also asked if we will see him live at the next contest, with him not knowing anything yet, but being available for any role in Eurovision 2023 he is given, even selling tickets!

I have no idea…I hope so, I’m not going to be coy about it. Please let me do something! I’ll sweep, I’ll give the tickets out. I just want to see it, it’s just going to be so amazing, what an incredible experience for like a Eurovision fan!

Among the seven cities below, the city that will host Eurovision 2023 will be chosen:

  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield

The final announcement will be made in the fall.

Listen to Sam Ryder’s new song, released on August 19:

Stay tuned for Eurovisionfun for all the updates!

Source: planetradio
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