Eurovision 2023: The first odds for next May’s winner!

The next Eurovision season may officially begin in two weeks, but your favorite column is back to give you a first taste of the betting odds ahead of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

While you are on holiday and preparing for a “hot” Eurovision winter, the bookers are already busy, with the Eurovision 2023 winner section already being offered to some companies. So we take the opportunity and present you the first bets for the next contest.

Advantage: Ukraine

With the war in Ukraine not over and the EBU making the decision that the next contest will not be held on the territory of the winner of Eurovision 2022, there are not a few who believe that Ukraine starts as the absolute favorite to win the 67th version of our favorite contest.

It is noteworthy that for the first time in history the winner of the next contest has been played at odds below 5-6 since August, nine months before the Eurovision. From this alone we understand that there are not a few who rushed to bet their money on the Ukrainian back-to-back win. The Ukrainian victory is played at odds between 2.84 and 3.25.

Second favourite, behind Ukraine, is Italy. The last host and 2021 winner, which is also the most successful country of the competition in recent years, could not be missing from the highest positions of the bookies, who, based on the long tradition of Sanremo, believe that Italians can well claim their fourth victory.

The same more or less applies to the third Sweden which is played at almost the same odds as Italy, with the Scandinavians wanting to get the coveted seventh victory and equal the record of the “Queen of Eurovision”, Ireland. Italy and Sweden return ten times the bet of those who bet on them.

The UK and Spain are in fourth and fifth place respectively according to the bookers, with both European powerhouses cashing in on second and third place in Turin. The success of Sam Ryder and Chanel has sparked interest in Eurovision in two countries that love the contest, but have not had particularly successful results in recent years.

With this renewed interest in the contest, and with the contest taking place on British soil giving the Brits a chance to throw a huge party to accompany the UK’s sixth win, the bookers are tipping a British win at odds between 8 and 13, while the corresponding Spanish one between 15 and 16.5.

Top 10

Behind the United Kingdom and Spain is another Big 5 country, France, which could not continue on the path of success this year in Turin, after Barbara Pravi’s second place in 2021 in Rotterdam, as it was ranked only 25th. Nevertheless, the bookers place France in 6th place at odds of between 17 and 19.

The remaining four positions in the top ten are filled by countries, which do not belong to the Big 5, but betting companies consider that they start from a more advantageous position compared to their competitors. Seventh is Norway, which is a not inconsiderable size for the competition and annually holds one of the most difficult national finals, the Melodi Grand Prix. The Nordic country is played at odds between 15 and 19.5.

Eighth is Switzerland, who have been one of the fastest growing powers in the competition from 2019 onwards. The Swiss victory is found at odds of 21 in three different companies.

The recovery of Greece‘s momentum in the Eurovision Song Contest is confirmed by the ninth place given by the bookers to the possibility of a second victory for the Mediterranean country.

Being one of only three countries that count consecutive placements within the top ten, Greece is considered if nothing else to be a highly reckonable size by the betting companies, who recognize the positive results of the 2021-2022 biennium and the change of approach by ERT within the current decade. Greece is played at odds between 17 and 23, being in one company in seventh place.

The top ten is completed by Australia, with the bookers – surprisingly – showing confidence in the distant Oceanian country, at the same time that the European viewers “turned their backs” once again on Australia’s participation, giving just two points to Sheldon Riley. An Australian win returns 24 times the bet.

Do you think Ukraine can make it back-to-back and become the first country since Ireland in the early 90s to achieve back-to-back wins in our beloved contest?

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