Greece: ERT started the submission of entries for Eurovision 2023 | The official announcement!

Fully confirming Eurovisionfun’s report once again, that during August the machines of ERT were heating up and in the headquarters of the Greek state radio and television they were feverishly preparing for Eurovision 2023, a little while ago the announcement for the selection of the Greek participation was made.

For another year, as we had already informed you, the representative of Greece, as well as the song that will represent the Mediterranean country in May in the contest, will be selected through an internal process, through the submission of proposals.

Deadline and conditions for submitting entries

Until October 9th, those interested in representing Greece at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest should submit their entries to ERT.

A change compared to last year’s process is what we from Eurovisionfun had mentioned, that is, the songs that are submitted should not have been submitted in any other country, while they are still in the process. ERT’s announcement specifically stated:

In the context of ERT’s participation in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in May 2023 in the United Kingdom, the Hellenic Radio Television invites companies active in the production or distribution of recordings to submit proposals for our country’s participation, with a final deadline of Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Each proposal must be complete: i.e. include a performer or group with a maximum of six members, according to the regulations, and also one to three songs, which have not been released or performed to date either in Greece or abroad as in any way, in whole or in part. In the choice of participation, any artistic group supporting the performer and ideas (concept) for the promotion and presentation of the song will also be taken into account.

The proposals submitted in the context of the above call are addressed exclusively to ERT.

Until the completion of their evaluation, they may not have submitted simultaneously to a corresponding procedure of another participating broadcaster in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Submission of proposals to

Possible candidates

Without of course they are the only ones who will send their proposals, already through Eurovisionfun you have been informed about several artists who have their proposals ready (or almost ready).

These are Vassilis Kourtis, Melissa Mantzoukis, Evangelia, Leon of Athens, Joanne and others, who in the coming days will submit their candidate songs to ERT.

Over time we will have the opportunity to reveal to you more details about their proposals, as well as the proposals of other artists who will also be submitted to ERT.

ERT’s hopes for another Top-10 placement

Much earlier than ERT has ever started its search, this year it starts the procedures for choosing Greece’s participation in Eurovision. Guided by its professionalism, but also a very hard-working team, with more experience and efficiency, ERT will travel to the United Kingdom to repeat what it knows well and to achieve why not something better than this year’s eighth place.

Having been fully confirmed for the last two years, we dare to take risks early again this year. In 2023, Greece will remain high!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun if you want to be fully informed about everything that is happening around the Greek participation in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest! The home of Eurovision in Greece is here!



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