Israel: Noa Kirel will most likely confirm her Eurovision participation on a press conference on Wednesday!

She’s already added layers to the Eurovision 2023 iceberg of intrigue by saying her Eurovision 2023 participation was only a “maybe” – despite KAN (Israel’s national broadcaster) revealing she was at the top of its wishlist.

But now Israeli media are reporting that Noa Kirel will confirm her Eurovision participation at a press conference on Wednesday.

KAN’s Eurovision committee drew up a list of 78 artists who have performed well on the charts in recent years and then debated among themselves to create a ranked list of artists for ESC 2023. Noa, definitely Israel’s most popular star, came out on top.

However, that didn’t mean that Noa and her management were willing to accept her placement on top and to submit to any and all demands from KAN.

In mid-July the 21-year-old star told on an Israeli newspaper that she needs more time to “brainstorm” a potential Eurovision run.

“It’s a competition that relies on politics, but on the other hand it is also a big stage and that offers a lot exposure,” she said. “Fear has never stopped me from trying things and life is about taking risks and getting up. Is this the thing that will expose me to the world? Or could it be the other way around? That’s why I need to brainstorm and understand how I approach this.”

On Monday, Noa revealed in an interview that she’s made specific demands regarding her participation that include being involved in the writing and choosing of the song and directing the eventual stage show. KAN had planned to have Noa perform three or four songs on a TV show, similar to what Eden Alene did ahead of Rotterdam, and have a jury and the public decide her entry.

It’s thought that KAN and Noa will give some sense of how the song will be chosen during the press conference on Wednesday.

Eran Suissa, the entertainment correspondent for Israel Hayom, previously reported that “Toy” songwriter Doron Medalie was contacted by Noa Kirel’s team about joining the Israel team, most likely as a songwriter.

Medalie previously worked as Noa’s artistic director, giving her hits like “If You Are a Man” and “Tikitas”. He also turned Israel’s fortunes around at Eurovision with songs like “Golden Boy” and “Made of Stars”.

Howeveer, he told that he wants to see some big changes within Israel’s Eurovision team and that such changes will be essential for Kirel to climb the scoreboard. He suggested strongly that there are messy scenes behind the curtain at broadcaster KAN.

“We need to devote enormous resources to Noa and a professional team made up of the best talents and professionals we have. To produce such a system will require a real revolution in attitude. We create the illusion that it is so simple but the truth is that it is the most complex undertaking.”

 Listen to one of Noa Kirel’s most popular songs “Thought About That”:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Israeli participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023!


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