Israel: “Politics is involved in Eurovision and everything does not depend on me”!

In the press conference held by Israel’s public television KAN and in which Noa Kirel‘s representation of the country at Eurovision 2023 was formalized, the popular artist referred to the risk she takes by accepting the offer to participate in the contest, since as she pointed out everything does not depend on herself, as politics is actively involved in Eurovision! But why did she say yes to Eurovision despite the possibility of failure?

A woman on a mission

“I am very excited and I feel like we are starting a mission. I was suddenly informed some time ago that I will represent Israel at Eurovision”, the singer initially said at the press conference she gave at the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

It started with a shock, it hasn’t stopped since. They stop me on the street, at concerts and tell me about it! Lately I’ve also learned about the risks, and that it’s not all about art and live performance there. I’m already imagining myself on the crazy Eurovision stage. With a decision from the heart, I put everything aside and go with complete faith. I always felt proud to represent my country, even today I feel very honored. I want to thank the committee that chose me, it was not a given. I’m already starting work today and as you know I’m working hard. So wish me luck.

Accepting KAN’s proposal

Tal Freifeld, executive of KAN, emphasized the changes in the way of selecting this year’s participation of Israel, while emphasizing on the fact that Noa Kirel is the No. 1 in the country.

This year we decided to change the rules of the game and instead of choosing a representative from this or that reality show, we simply chose the number 1 artist to represent us at Eurovision. We waited for Noa to decide and it took her some time, but we promised full cooperation with her team. Noa will put on a great performance and we will give her all the tools to represent the country with honor.

Noa then commented on the time it took her to make up her mind:

I needed time to myself. It’s a crazy show and on a huge stage. I got backlash from people each giving their opinion on whether I should go or not. There were people who said I would win and there were those who said I would be upset if I didn’t do well. In the end I decided what my heart said. Of course there are worries, I’m human and I get scared sometimes. It is an honorable place and on an honorable stage. Politics is involved and things are not up to me, I might fail naturally. But I’ve always taken risks, they usually work out, it’s part of the career and who I am today. I wanted to represent my country and take that risk.


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Who is Noa Kirel?

Her birth-name was Noya, but after she was diagnosed with a severe kidney disease when she was three months old, a rabbi suggested her parents to change her name to Noa, so she could heal and walk. The rabbi also predicted that she would become a dancer.

In March 2020, she enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served in a military band. In February 2022, Kirel completed her service in the IDF.

She is Israel’s biggest pop star of recent years, dominating the country’s charts since the release of her #1 hit ‘Killer’ when she was just 14 years old. He was a judge on the X Factor for years, while she stars in dozens of commercials, series and movies, making her one of the most popular celebrities in the country. Noa belongs to Atlantic Records and has released 41 singles.

Listen to her biggest hit below:


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