Liechtenstein: 1 FL TV rejects applying for EBU membership!

1 FL TV, Liechtenstein-based broadcaster,  has confirmed that it is no longer aiming to apply for membership of the European Broadcasting Union.

Managing Director of the Liechtenstein’s broadcaster Sandra Woldt has confirmed that they are no longer have joining the European Broadcasting Union and so competing in Eurovision, as one of their aims. Sandra Woldt said in a statement that:

“We are no longer pursuing this goal, we are concentrating on our reporting in and for Liechtenstein.”

Liechtenstein, along with the Vatican and Kosovo, remain the only internationally recognised states within Europe to have never taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest. The country’s first attempt dates back to 1976  when Biggi Bachman tried to represent her country with the song “Little Cowboy”, but she could not perform due to lack of a broadcaster.

Since 1FLTV’s formation back in 2008, Eurovision has been a long-term aim for the broadcaster. In 2009 the broadcaster announced it was working towards a debut in the 2010 contest, but was unable to secure the funding needed for an EBU membership.

In 2017 1FLTV stated that they have applied for EBU membership and were currently in the process of complying with all requirements in order for their membership to be granted. The broadcaster had proposed a selection method to select their debut entry, if EBU membership was granted. Their debut was originally expected to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the formation of the principality by the Holy Roman Emperor in 2019. Sadly however due to the death of TV channel founder Peter Kölbel, the project was scrapped.


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