San Marino: Artists show remarkable interest for Una Voce per San Marino!

As we have already reported in our previous article, this year San Marino is following an almost identical course of action to last year’s selection process for its representative in Eurovision 2023, namely through the Competition titled Una Voce per San Marino. And while the application period for said Competition opened just 10 days ago, 80 singers (from all over the world) have already submitted their applications. 

It is reminded that submissions are accepted until January the 20th (with variations in prices depending on the time of submission) as follows:

  • Applications until September 29 will cost 100 euros
  • Applications from October 1 to January 20 will cost 150 euros
  • Applications from San Marino artists will cost 50 euros, but before December the 3rd

It should also be noted that Una Voce per San Marino 2023 is open to citizens from all over the world, regardless of their country of residence and/or citizenship. Last year’s edition of Una Voce Per San Marino attracted the interest of 585 artists, including Achille Lauro, who eventually represented the country in Turin without, however, making it to the ESC Final.

Stay tuned for all the updates about national finals, internal procedures and selections on the path of Eurovision 2023!

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