The Rasmus: “Eurovision saved us from break up”!

The Rasmus frontman Lauri Ylonen has revealed the band came close to splitting up as lockdown and personal struggles drove the members apart, but their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest saved them from break up!

Lauri, Eero Heinonen, Aki Hakala and new guitarist Emilia ‘Empu’ Suhonen stormed back into the limelight this summer as they represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song Jezebel.

While they didn’t get the result they – or their masses of fans – were hoping for, Eurovision saw the Finnish four-piece find new admirers and regain old ones, some of whom may not have followed them since their massive 2003 hit In The Shadows.

But Eurovision represented much more than that, as Lauri tells

I think it was really something that saved us from destruction. It was just perfect timing for something like that. It really was important at this point, because we were really almost about to break up before all these good things started to happen. Everything was so uncertain, and I was thinking, what if this is the end? If we don’t get to play anymore?


Lauri previously revealed to that The Rasmus had been working on new record when they decide to stop it in its tracks and go for Eurovision instead, which, as he has now revealed, ended up to be a saving grace for the band.

That album, Rise, is set to release on 23 September and features hit single Jezebel, as well as new track, titular song Rise.

Now – in what will be a relief for fans of the band – there are no plans for The Rasmus to break up, and despite their newest album still weeks away from release, they’re already working on the next, with time in the studio booked and new songs ready to be recorded.

Source: Metro
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