Ukraine: Commentator Timur Miroshnychenko stands with the United Kingdom hosting Eurovision 2023!

He’s among the favourites to present Eurovision 2023 in the United Kingdom. Ukraine’s Eurovision commentator Timur Miroshnychenko spoke out in favour of the EBU’s decision to have the United Kingdom host next year’s song contest.

Speaking on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain”, the 36-year-old presenter said it was sad that the contest can’t be hosted in Ukrainian land, but understands the EBU’s reasoning.

“It shouldn’t be postponed of course because we have to show to the aggressor that even in these horrible times we can celebrate, we can be together and be united. Of course we’re a little upset that we can’t welcome all the people next year to Kyiv or somewhere. For now there aren’t any safe corners in our country because you don’t know which next aim the Russian missiles will choose. I think this is the only correct decision to organise the United Kingdom next year because your country came second and according to the rules, you are the one to do it.” 

Timur is a long-time Eurovision fan and is inextricably linked to the contest in his country. He famously co-hosted the 2017 edition alongside Oleksandr Skichko and Volodymur Ostapchuk. He previously hosted Junior Eurovision 2009 and 2013 alongside Ani Lorak and Zlata Ognevich, respectively.

Officials in both the United Kingdom and Ukraine have made it clear that the 2023 show will include a great deal of Ukrainian content. This is to mark Ukraine’s victory at Eurovision 2022 and to showcase the unique signature of Ukrainian culture.

Ukraine’s Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko recently told Ukrainian television how that might look.

“The Ukrainian flag, videos of Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian presenters, and a Ukrainian creative group will become an integral part of the show in Great Britain.” 

Timur isn’t the only Ukrainian stand with the decision of the United Kingdom hosting next year’s show.

Speaking after her recent performance at Glastonbury, Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala discussed the European Broadcasting Union’s decision.

“Great Britain came second in the competition, so if Ukraine is unwilling to host the event for whatever reason, it would be fair to hold it in one of the United Kingdom’s cities. It’s really sad that the EBU decided to take away all this chance and all this hope, but I really understand that it has to be in a peaceful place for participants and for everybody.”

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will not be held in Ukraine but in the United Kingdom after Kalush Orchestra’s victory with the song “Stefania”. This was Ukraine’s third win in the Contest.

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