North Macedonia: MRT Considering Withdrawal From Eurovision 2023?

North Macedonia‘s participation in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which will take place in May in the United Kingdom, seems to be uncertain.

With the rumors of the last few days, that they want the country to withdraw from the competition and the negative situation begun months ago, the country’s public television, MRT seems to be facing some serious problems.

According to the channel’s budget, which was made public today, participation in Eurovision 2023 is not mentioned anywhere, only in Junior Eurovision 2022.

This announcement of course brings confusion to the fans of the competition, but nothing is certain yet.

We remind you that the situation was already negative since last May, when the representative of the country, Andrea, threw the country’s flag on the ground, on the turquoise carpet, to the point where it was even requested to block her from the competition.

Finally, over the summer, the MRT Planning Board heard Head of Mission (HoD) Meri Popova’s proposal to improve the country’s image in the competition, results and preparations for the future.

After reviewing the report, the council tasked the MRT management to provide its own report on how the recommendations have been implemented, documents showing revenue generated from Eurovision advertising over the past 4 years, and also asked the MRT general manager a final decision on disciplinary actions for the 2022 delegation. At the end of the discussion, the report was approved by the council unanimously.

In 2022 North Macedonia was represented by Andrea and “Circles”, finishing on the 11th place.

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