Rosa Linn enters Top 10 of Worldwide Itunes Chart

Rosa Linn continues her success beyond her Eurovision participation.  The song Snap has entered the charts in more than 30 different countries, even outside of Europe.  Moreover, Snap reached the top 10 in the Austrian, Dutch, Swiss, Irish, Swedish and Norwegian charts.  The single was even number 1 in Belgium and in the UK indie charts.

Snap has got more than 100 million Streams on Spotify, a record that only 10 Eurovision songs have so far.  After surpassing the Italian song “Brividi”, Snap became the most streamed song from the Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

Last month Snap achieved another milestone once again when it entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States.  This marks the second Eurovision entry in the 21st century and the 12th Eurovision song that have gone this far.  However, the good news for Rosa Linn have not stopped there.

Today Snap entered the Top 10 of the Worldwide iTunes Song Charts, going up five places since last week:

Rosa Linn represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 where she finished in 20th place.  However, as the news show her final result did not have a negative impact on her career.  On the opposite, her participation in Turin gave her enough exposure to further launch her career.

Rosa Linn signed a record deal with Columbia Records, one of the biggest music labels in the world that also features world stars like Adele, BTS or Harry Styles.

Source: ESCBubble

We will be looking forward to follow Rosa Linn successful career!


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