Spain: All the latest news about Benidorm Fest 2023!

RTVE, Spain’s public broadcaster, has taken up the Eurovision challenge seriously! Intending to capitalise on the success of last year’s edition of Benidorm Fest, and Chanel’s excellent run in Eurovision 2022, RTVE is going all out to present an even more complete and impressive TV show.

The presenters of the show

RTVE confirmed yesterday the names of the two presenters of Benidorm Fest 2023, with Mónica Naranja taking on co-presenting duties, alongside Inés Hernand (last year’s hostess of Benidorm Fest).

According to Formula TV , Mónica Naranjo will be the main presenter of the two semi-finals and the final, which will be broadcast in prime time on La 1, while Inés Hernand will be in the Green Room of the Palau d’Esports L’Illa in Benidorm, where the Benidorm Fest will take place.

Related TV programs

Máximo Huerta, co-presenter of last year’s edition of Benidorm Fest, will be involved again this year in a different capacity. According to the VerTele website, he will present a daily tv program, showcasing all the details and developments of this year’s Benidorm Fest.

Alaska, another co-presenter of last year’s Benidorm, will also be involved, as she is to present a Christmas show that will be broadcast at the end of the year on La 1. In this show, some of the participants of the first edition of Benidorm Fest will also be present, with Chanel Terrero, of course, expected to be (literally) on the spotlight.

Chanel won the first edition of the Benidorm Fest with the song ” SloMo”, and represented Spain in Turin, achieving a 3rd place in the grand final.

Stay tuned for all the developments regarding Spain’s participation in Eurovision 2023!

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