Spotify: Snap surpassed Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes, continuing its wild run!

We have already reported the fascinating story of Rosa Linn’s Snap, which despite its mediocre success in ESC, is doing great on the streaming platforms. For two days now, Snap is not only the most popular Eurovision 2022 song on Spotify, but has also managed to become the 7th most streamed song of the Contest, surpassing Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes.

Today, Snap has managed to muster 147 million streams, 4,5 million more than the ESC 2015’s winning song, and the former’s run doesn’t seem to be stopping there. The table below illustrates the dynamics of the song, which is now in the 18th position of the Global Spotify Chart, being on said Chart for more than 60 days.

Therefore, and despite the admittedly small loss of momentum on the platform (38,607 less streams compared to the previous week), it is almost certain that the Armenia’s song in ESC 2022, is threatening more popular Eurovision songs on Spotify.

And while the two most popular Eurovision songs (Arcade and Zitti e buoni) are considered a rather unattainable goal, the same cannot be said for Soldi, which has 207 million streams, 60 million more than Snap. By rough calculations, and provided that Rosa Linn’s song won’t lose much of its momentum, Snap is likely to surpass Soldi and become the 3rd most popular Eurovision song within the next two months.

Billboard Hot 100

Two weeks ago Snap managed to be placed in the 97th position on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming only the second Eurovision song in the 21st century (after Arcade) to do so. Unfortunately for Rosa Linn, her song’s run on the Hot 100 didn’t last for more than a week. The entrance into Hot 100, as well as its ranking, is dependent on the number of streams through streaming platforms, sales, and airplay in the US.

Worldwide iTunes Song Chart

Despite maintaining momentum on Spotify, Snap appears to be losing ground on iTunes. And while a week ago the song had reached the 7th position on the Worldwide iTunes Song Charts, today it’s ranked 13th, having a slightly downward trend.

The dynamics of TikTok

Snap’s success seems to be related to the even greater singer’s success on TikTok. Prior to the Competition, Rosa Linn had, on her personal TikTok account, 5k followers and 85k likes. Today, her followers amount to 555k and her likes to 9.5 million!

It is not the first time that TikTok has been used as a springboard by Eurovision artists. The most typical example, perhaps, is Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade”, the winning song of ESC 2019, which, after its delayed success on TikTok, has today exceeded 900 mil. streams, becoming the most successful Eurovision song on Spotify.

Thus, despite the (justified) reactions expressed this year by fans, journalists and correspondents of the ESC, the strategic partnership between the EBU and TikTok (with the latter taking on the role of “Official Entertainment Partner” for Eurovision 2022) does not appear to be an one-off collaboration.

How far do you think Rosa Linn’s Snap can go? Will it manage to overtake Soldi on Spotify or will it run out of gas somewhere along the way?

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