Ukraine: OGAE Ukraine demands total ban of Russian OGAE branch!

In a official statement OGAE Ukraine has requested OGAE International to disqualify Russia from its annual OGAE Song Contest.  OGAE International Network (French: Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision, English: General Organization of Eurovision Fans) is the network of official Eurovision fan clubs across the world.  Among their activities, OGAE organizes a pre-Eurovision poll, the OGAE Second Chance Contest and the OGAE Song Contest.

OGAE Song Contest

Every year OGAE International Network organizes the OGAE Song Contest.  Each national branch of OGAE can submit an original song sung in one of the country’s official languages released in the previous 12 months.

OGAE Russia chose Leonid Agutin and Vladimir Presnjakov with ‘ДНК [DNA]’ to participate at the OGAE Song Contest.

OGAE Ukraine statement

OGAE Ukraine published an official statement on its Instagram stories demanding OGAE International “to ban representatives from Russia, as well as their club, from participating in the OGAE Song Contest.”

While hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians suffer from Russian aggression and genocide (…) we find heartbreaking that OGAE International allows Russia to participate in the competition or any kind of activity related.

The statement ends up stating that if Russia is not disqualified, OGAE Ukraine will be forced to withdraw from the OGAE Song Contest.

OGAE Australia is hosting the OGAE Song Contest 2022 after Tones and I won in 2021 with ‘Fly Away’.


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