Breaking news: Andrew Lamprou is representing Cyprus in Eurovision 2023!

Τhe rumours about the entry of Cyprus in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest were true! A little while ago, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (RIK) has announced Andrew Lambrou as their representative for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool next May.

The official announcement of RΙΚ:

The Cyprus Radio Foundation announces that, following the agreement signed with Panik Records and in collaboration with Australia’s City Pop Records, Cyprus will be represented at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest by Cypriot-born, popular singer Andrew Lambrou, represented by Saiko Management of New York.

As recently announced, the 2023 competition will take place in Liverpool, UK next May.

More information on participation will be announced later.

Everything about Andrew Lamprou

Andrew Lamprou is 24 years old, lives and works in Sydney. He performs and writes his own songs since he has been involved in music since the age of five.

At the age of just 17, he impressed all four X Factor judges, who easily passed him through to the next stage. Gathering excellent feedback from the four big names sitting in the judges’ seats – Danii Minogue, James Blunt, Chris Isaak, Guy Sebastian – Andrew got through the first round with four YESes performing Nick Jonas’ ‘Chains’.

In the second phase, that of the 5 seat challenge, the coach of the Boys under 25 team, Chris Isaak, was asked to select only five of the boys to continue. Andrew sang “Ain’t nobody” by Chaka Khan and took a place in the Top 5.

It is worth noting that Andrew Lambrou became known well before his participation in X-Factor, due to the YouTube Channel which he maintains and uploads there various covers of well-known songs worldwide.

Unfortunately, the Super Home Visits phase was not as lucky for the Cypriot expatriate singer as he did not manage to make it to the top 3 and enter the live shows. The cause was his musical inexperience due to his young age, however people who know the world music industry inside and out like Simon Cowell spoke very hopeful words about Andrew and his future.

Check out his appearance at Australia Decides 2022 below:

We wish Cuprus and Andrew the best of luck in Eurovision 2023!

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Cypriot  participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, in Liverpool!

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