Eurovision 2023: First details of Liverpool’s organisation!

And while we are mere days away from the announcement of the Eurovision 2023 host city, the first details about the proposed scheduled events came to light. In particular, Liverpoolecho reveals exclusive details of how Liverpool intends to organise the Competition, should it be selected.


According to Liverpoolecho, Liverpool City Council is planning a full cultural program that will celebrate British music, Eurovision, but its main focus will be on Ukrainian culture and tradition.

The main proposed project

In particular, the core of the program is expected to be the exchange of artists from Liverpool and Ukraine. The above will be done in collaboration with Liverpool, and the authorities, as well as the artistic community of Odessa (Liverpool’s sister city), and will last from Easter until May.

Other suggested projects

Proposed projects for Liverpool’s Eurovision cultural program will include:

Street Art 

Liverpool is a city that loves outdoor art. The municipal authorities intend to cooperate with Ukrainian street artists, who together with talented British street artists will artistically “take over” the city.


The city also intends to work with famous Ukrainian designers to create the designs and clothes for the volunteers, as well as other key delegates. The main reference point will be mainly the traditional Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) with a modern, however, twist.

Liverpool organisers also intend to create a showcase for Vinoks – the striking Ukrainian head dresses that have become a symbol of resistance. It is essentially an evolution of the award-winning project Statues Redressed, which was presented in the city in 2021.


These are the famous painted eggs that are staple of Ukrainian culture around Easter. Liverpool will work with a number of well-known artists and musicians from the UK and Ukraine to create a collection of pysankas that will be exhibited in the center of Liverpool.

Alongside this, the Liverpool creative team will use pysanka as the centerpiece of their school and community outreach programme, using it as a launching point to explore other key elements of Ukrainian culture.

Orchestra from Kharkiv

Kharkiv, a UNESCO City of Music (as Liverpool is), will also play an important role in ESC. In particular, there is an effort on behalf of  Liverpool to bring the Kharkiv’s orchestra to play alongside the local musicians.

Sonia Evans

The city council plans also to honour Eurovision legend Sonia Evans (UK’s 1993 Eurovision representative from Liverpool) with a city-wide game of lost treasure. There will be 20 Sonia figurines across the city that eurofans will be challenged to find in order to win great prizes.


What do you think of the proposed events planned by Liverpool City Council? Could Liverpool pull the odds off and host ESC? 

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  1. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith says:

    Hello fellow Liverpudlians
    Congratulations on winning the right to host Eurovision on behalf of our friends in Ukraine.Just a suggestion bearing in mind Liverpool was the birthplace of a great advocate of global peace John Lennon.Would it not be appropriate to begin tv coverage with a rendition of Imagine and for all the artists to close the event with Give peace a chance? Your thoughts
    Paul Smith


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